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Thread: Can you link to frames with a frame?

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    Can you link to frames with a frame?

    Here is a hopefully simple question, I have been able to accomplish everything else, but the only question I have is: do you have a tutorial or can you tell me if there is a simple actionscript for the following?

    I have my basic fla file that has named frames that I link everything to, one specific frame is "Misc". On that frame there is a movieclip called "misc_mc". The movieclip contains named frames "Misc1" & "Misc2" so I can try and keep ll the Misc information together instead of breaking it all out. If I have buttons in the main fla file that I am trying to link to these frames within a frame "Misc1" and "Misc2", how do I actionscript it with a gotoAndPlay function? Can you link to frames within a frame? I am sure there is something missing!

    what I currently have is this where link7 is one of the buttons:

    if(this._currentframe==38) this.gotoAndStop(38);
    else this.gotoAndPlay(28);
    if (link8._currentframe==38) link8.gotoAndPlay(39);
    if(this._currentframe==38) this.gotoAndStop(38);
    else this.gotoAndPlay(28);
    if (link7._currentframe==38) link7.gotoAndPlay(39);

    what I should also note is that I have the buttons and actionscript on a "Misc_1" frame, just before the "Misc" so that way it each time you click on the Misc button the text frame will show up! Here is the link so you can see, what I am trying to do! I can email the file to any if they are interested!


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    You could just make the movieclip go to a specific frame number

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