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Thread: Love Gatekeeper, but...

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    Question Love Gatekeeper, but...

    I am attempting to use the "Gatekeeper" password protection device linked from javascript.com. I have two questions, however:

    1) I note that whenever I come back to the page, I have dropdown menus that show the last "passwords" I've entered. I realize I can prevent this by changing my browser settings, but can I stop this from happening at the server level so that NO users will get this on their browsers?

    2) If I type the password and press "enter" rather than clicking on the "Submit Password" button, the password disappears. Clicking the "Submit Password" button afterwards leads to a blank page. I note that this does not happen in the Gatekeeper demo (the password stays in the form after pressing "enter" and clicking the button is then required). How can I fix this?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    Very Respectfully,

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    If when you type the password, it appears in plain text, you can fix that by putting inside the text attribute type="password" instead of type="text". That will change the password they enter to the usual ******* things. It also will not be saved.

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