I have a client that wants a web interface based on his company (MySQL) database. An employee (let's call him Bob) has built an interface in MS Access connected to this DB of which funtionality has increased over the years. (From task-planning to Customer Relations Management)

The online interface should be a stripped down version of the Access interface Bob has created and must be https.

So far so good. No problem you would think.

Here comes the catch: The client want Bob to be able to edit the front-end interface through a back-end interface (or CMS if you like) to accomodate future changes in database structure and other unforseen needs.

So, for example, let's say that the company decides to provide training programs for their employees, Bob would add an additional table and maybe some relations to the DB.

They'd want Bob be able to edit their front-end web-interface like he would edit the access interface. Showing training programs per employee or sorted by date could be part of the functionality needed. Maybe applying for courses etc.

Bob does have extensive experience in SQL/Access/VBscript, some CSS and HTML knowledge. And any needed additional training would be no problem for Bob.

I've been looking for some 'open source' CMS systems that have sufficient functionality to at least get close to what's needed here.

So far i i'm leaning towards Joomla (letting the client program and implement his custom modules) , but both my client and out my company are biased towards microsoft (client uses vbscript/access, we primarily use ASP/ASP.net) so i'm not entirily sure if that's the way to go.

Anyone any pointers?