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    I have an iframe in my website for a university assignment, i have it set up so the XML file is styled with its own CSS file and XSL file and gets displayed in the HTML in an iframe. I want this to fit the size of the DIV it is in which it does in IE but not in any other browsers (i want it to work in firefox). Any ideas?

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    Do you mean the XML file fits in the DIV without scrolling? If that's the case, you might try overflow:hidden in your CSS.

    Some code (or a link) might help, if you can provide them.

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    Yeah i have that on already. Sorry i cant send you it its not online yet.

    I want the XML to re size itselft to fit the DIV its in, on the new firefox its almost doing this however it seems to add a margin at the top which means the bottom bit isnt visible. Margin:0; hasnt solved this. Any ideas?

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