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Thread: Who wants to explain server-side developement to me?

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    Who wants to explain server-side developement to me?

    What is it? How does it work? Is there somewhere I can trial it with minimum disk space and no cash?

    Hypothetically, how would I set up a function where if someone pushes a button on one page, it would add points to a number on another page, and that number would be the same for everyone who saw it? Thats just an example with an issue I have... if theres a better way for you to explain a similiar action to me, go for it.

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    Perhaps the cheapest way to learn would be to download and install a free copy of either WAMP or XAMPP onto your own computer. That will give you your own web server running Apache, PHP, and mySQL that you can play about with to learn how to program server side processing using those languages (which are amongst them most commonly used because they are free).

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