whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous updates or to take arms against a sea of changes and, by opposing them, end.

My husband and I have a client who currently has about 80 pages of content on their website. There is no CMS in place now. They sell large ticket items (luxury recreation vehicles) that are not put in a basket and bought online. So, the pages they have amount to a lot of static model information pages with various additional pages. Obviously the models of the vehicles changes once a year, so it would be an annual massive update sort of situation with minor updates during the rest of the year.

My question is, should we do as we've done with smaller sites which is:
make a site template (in this case, maybe 3 template styles)
Manually input data in the pages generated from the templates in DW.

Or, should we find some free (we don't have a budget to buy one) CMS tool for this sort of large site for ease of annual updates? If that is the case, a program recommendation would be very much appreciated. Also, the CMS would need to be flexible enough to allow for a user created template (my husband is a graphic designer so he's very particular about how something should look).

Or, is there a third option I don't realise?

Currently, their site is all static information- no interactive modules.