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Thread: Firefox mess up my tables!!

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    Exclamation Firefox mess up my tables!!

    Hi everyone. I'm doing a site but when I open it with Firefox or Chrome, the menu buttons are all messed up but they look fine with IE7. Why? I really need to solve this problem. Help please!!!
    Here is the site:


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    lol, 130 * 6 = 780

    Throw a couple of extra pixels into the table with, and everything looks fine, your problem is that the cells are too large for the table.
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    thanks for the tip but... it can't be just that. look again at the site. I've changed drasticly the table and de cell with.

    Look how the selected "button" is allways in the same place. It's like there is an anchoir there. I don't get it!!

    Oh! You also can see the CSS file here
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    I'll look at this till I get the call for dinner but first observation is that 'inline-table' only works in modern browsers and not IE. Never, ever use IE as a reference for how things should work. Always use a modern browser to test your page first, then fix it for IE. As an example of this, notice that the two modern browsers, FF and Chrome, display differently than old, buggy non-standard IE.

    Validate your html and css and fix some significant errors like missing closing tags.
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