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Thread: chatroulette issue on tutticam

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    chatroulette issue on tutticam


    sorry for my bad english and sorry because i am beginer.
    Since my website in not https the "getusermedia" not work on the chatroulette : http://www.tutticam.fr/
    I just want to display the user cam on the browser (as a demo), but now, since yesturday, Chrome decided to stop html5 video on a non https website, do you believe it ?!!!!
    Could any one explain to me the best way to add webcam on browser (wich language ?) something very easy
    Thanks a lot

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    Hi and a belated welcome to the site. I'd suggest that you search for a theme/add-on for whatever CMS/toolkit you (presumably) used to generate your site that supports the functionality you require.

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