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Thread: What's the difference between Fedora and CentOS on virtual private server?

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    What's the difference between Fedora and CentOS on virtual private server?


    I just purchased a virtual dedicated hosting. I am trying to set up the operating system that I want to use. There are three operating systems that I can use. The three options are as follows:

    1). Red Hat Fedora Core 7
    2). CentOS 4
    3). CentOS 5

    Here's what Wikipedia says about the Fedora operating system:

    Here's what Wikipedia says about CentOS:

    I am just now starting to learn about virtual dedicated hosting. Can somebody explain to me the difference between the Fedora operating system and the CentOS operating system?


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    Fedora tends to be up to date, but loses a small amount of stability(with fedora very tightly wrapped into the core of most linux development, paying the price of having little fedora only fixes in place, but being so close to the core means that it can adapt to changes and updates with minimal testing), CentOS updates slower, but when it does the updates are more stable(since they are tested more exaustivly and have CentOS specific edits and patches made as needed).

    Personally, for a server I'd go for CentOS, for a desktop where stability is not as important, Fedora (but I'm more a Knoppix man anyway :P).
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