I'm trying to setup a "word association" page for learning the Spanish word for various items pictured on the page. The page works just as I'd like it to, less one thing. I want to add a button to play a WAV sound of the word (to be heard right on the page). I found the following source code to do it:
<a href="SpanishLessons/Pronunciation/Bird.wav" onclick="play(this.href); return false;"><img alt="Listen To The Word" border="0" src="SpanishLessons/SoundButton.jpg"></a>, but it didn't work. It only downloads the file and opens it in WMP.

After a bit of searching, I noticed the following script in the <head> section:
<script language="JavaScript" src="/learn_spanish/javascript/soundplayer.js"></script>.

Since I can't access their js file, I have no idea what they put in there to make the sound play, rather than download.

If anyone has had some experience with this and can tell what I need to put in my js file, I'd appreciate your input.