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Thread: [RESOLVED] javascript is disabled on your browser message

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    resolved [RESOLVED] javascript is disabled on your browser message

    My son is using facebook. when he goes to www.facebook.com, it gives him an error message that javascript is disabled on your browser. He is using Windows XP, IE7. I have cleared cache, cookies, downloaded files, I have reinstalled internet explorer 7, added the site to the trusted sites list, then removed it, and nothing clears this error. I can't figure out how to reach the people at facebook. Their help is practically nonexistant. I've searched at microsoft.com and I've googled javascript. That's how I found this forum. Can anyone tell me how to fix this? It only happens on his computer. We have three other pcs in the house, and all of those can access it just fine. I can't find any setting that will change this. Can anyone here help me? Thanks!

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    I see the page ok with the same IE7/XP Sp2. No error, no message. Your problem is not a javascript problem. I advice you to reinstall clean the whole XP. Either you have a virus or your OS is damaged (not surprisingly for Windows ) or... there might be a hundred reasons for.

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    found the problem

    Thank you for your response. I found the problem last night, but my original post wasn't showing up yet. I use K9 Patrol as a blocker on my son's pc. Facebook apparently moved some files to another website, but didn't make that public. The second site was not allowed on K9, but it put the javascript message up instead of a blocked page message. I found the answer on another list last night. I just had to put the second web site in the trusted sites for K9, and it went back to normal. I couldn't believe how many people are having trouble with this. I found four sites like this one, just for people having trouble with facebook. Thanks for checking on this for me!

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    javascript is disabled on your browser

    I've been having the same problem. I've tried tons of things. We have K9 blocker here too. I was wondering what that "other website" that facebook moved some of their files to that you added to the list of trusted websites was.

    Thanks a lot.

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