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Thread: Could someone help me with a flash issue?

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    Post Could someone help me with a flash issue?

    I have created this banner.


    but, the snow effect has been created using AS2 and as yet i have found no way of creating the vertical scroling text in AS which seems to cause the slight jump effect at the end of the time line.

    I was wondering if there was any way of creating said scrolling effect using AS2 or even AS3.

    could anyone suggest either the script needed or a tutorial that could help with it? many thanks and a happy run up to Xmas for all.

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    Without seeing the source FLA it's hard to say, but my guess is that it might be worth trying this...
    In the mc that loops the vert scrolling text, you probably have a motion tween to create the movement. If you have, select the frame immediately before the last keyframe in your tween & press F6. Select the keyframe to the right of the one you just created. This was your original end keyframe. Delete it. Select the newly-created keyframe & move it to where your deleted keyframe was. (If you right-click on this frame & select remove tween, this will clear the empty tween left by deleting your original end keyframe.)

    You should now have a seamless loop.

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    thanks for that i will give it a try

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