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    I am brand new to all of this stuff.... (I hope this is how you post a question). Well, I need to get music on a website - Dreamweaver - Can anybody help me with this?:

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    Well you'll need to work at this in stages if you've never done this before. First, get the library of music converted to mp3 format.
    Second, you'll need to choose the type of player you want to place on the Web page, such as Flash, Windows Media Player, etc. Google around for some free music players or have someone create a custom player for you. Do you need a playlist or is it just a single song? The player itself will be a small file that you place or call on the Web page with html or javascript code. This code will place the player on the page and set the dimensions and other variable you choose.
    After you've decided on the format of the player (Flash, WMP, etc), go to a few sites that play music and view the source to familiarize yourself with the code. Here are a few sources for tuts:
    If you'd like something unique, create your own player (or have someone do it for you). Here's a couple of examples:
    Custom players can be take the shape of anything you can imagine!
    Good luck on your project,
    Eye for Video

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