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Thread: How to Read dynamic text Area value from form?

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    How to Read dynamic text Area value from form?

    Hi All
    I have a html form. I m creating a dynamic text area inside the form. I unable to get the dynamic text area value.

    code :
    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">
    <TITLE> New Document </TITLE>
    <META NAME="Author" CONTENT="GGR">
    <META NAME="Keywords" CONTENT="">
    <META NAME="Description" CONTENT="">

    var dynaSpellBoot="";
    var textName="";
    var tableRowIndex = 0;// need to change
    var rowIndex=0;

    function createCell(classNm, alignment)
    newTd = document.createElement("<TD nowrap colspan=1>");
    newTd.className = classNm;
    newTd.setAttribute("align", alignment);

    return newTd;
    function createRowAtIndex(tableObj, index, classNm, rowID, alignment)
    var newTr = tableObj.insertRow(index);
    newTr.setAttribute("id", rowID);
    newTr.className = classNm;
    newTr.setAttribute("align", alignment);
    return newTr;

    function createTextArea(tbName, defaultValue, classNm, styleId, rows, cols)

    newTextArea = document.createElement("<TEXTAREA>");
    newTextArea.setAttribute("name", tbName);
    newTextArea.setAttribute("text", "dddd");
    newTextArea.setAttribute("value", "dddd");
    newTextArea.className = classNm;
    newTextArea.setAttribute("id", styleId);
    newTextArea.setAttribute("rows", rows);
    newTextArea.setAttribute("cols", cols);
    return newTextArea;
    function createElement1(name,id)
    rowIndex ++;
    var objTable = document.getElementById('textTable'); // need to change
    var newRow = createRowAtIndex(objTable,1,"tblBg2", '', 'center');// need to change
    tableRowIndex++;// need to change
    var commentsCell = createCell('cld', 'center');
    var commentsTxtArea = createTextArea(name, '', 'formInputs', id, 10, 15);// need to change
    commentsCell.appendChild(commentsTxtArea);// need to change
    newRow.appendChild(commentsCell);// need to change
    alert("Static Text area value ==>" + document.getElementsByName("aa.alist[0].comments")[0].value);
    alert("Dynamic Text area value ==>" + document.getElementsByName("aa.alist[1].comments")[1].value);
    // couldnt identified by ie.

    <form name="textform" >
    <tbody id="textTable">
    <textarea name="aa.alist[0].comments" rows="4" cols="20" size="170">
    Testing ... </textarea>

    Run this code in ie. we can get text area value for static, not for dynamic.
    Can you please guide me to retreive the dynamic text area value from form ?
    Thanks in Advance!

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    Your script only works for IE, use standard methods to create elements.
    At least 98% of internet users' DNA is identical to that of chimpanzees

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