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Thread: How much does it cost to make a browser

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    How much does it cost to make a browser

    This is really random question, but I've been wondering for ages since I saw a video by the woman incharge of legal stuff at mozilla (can't remember her name, the one with the wonkey haircut ).

    And just to point out, no I don't intend on making one, even if I had the money to!

    Anyway I was thinking, it must cost up to hundreds of thousands to make a browser, tonnes of staff and at least 2 years. what do you think?

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    It costs $125,340.23.

    Add an extra $54 if the developers need sugar for their coffee.

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    Just programming skill and time .
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    Writing a browser is easy. I once did an assembly language version in one weekend. It surfed the web but nothing else. It's all the add on stuff that takes a lot of time.

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    * browser + layout engine

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