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Thread: Help finding software to offer downloads

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    Question Help finding software to offer downloads


    I am working for some non-profits who have over 1,000 combined mp3's for 'free' download. I am tired of using .htaccess (only works part of the time) to force them to download, and using 'free' scripts to do the same sometimes timing out due to a 60 second script rule on the host. One pain after another.

    I'm willing to pay a (reasonable/cheap) price to have some software manage/offer our mp3's as downloads only. Many people wanting files such as pdf, gif or mp3 to download and not open must be using something......

    I cannot believe how impossible it is to find any software to perform this service. I cannot search 'manage downloads' because it pulls up client download management and NOT server/site management.

    The free/shareware scripts have their own issues with file size, total files linkable.... blah blah blah - Oy! And I would have to enter each link in individually!!!! Over 1,000! Yikes

    I'm so tired and hassled.... can someone pleeeaasseee help me find this software?


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    Update so far....

    No replies - bummer. I did find that Drupal has a module that does manage downloads, that's cool but what a learning curve just to force downloads. I was hoping for a packaged solution *deep sigh*

    And of course podcasting would help this situation. Since podcasting was on my list of future things to do I'm jumping to it now, while I keep an eye out for the very cool manage your downloads software I know must be out there.

    I will update this post so everyone subscribing will have an answer ♥

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    Joomla CMS has alot of components for downloads, and its all FREE.

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