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Thread: failure embedding flash file

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    failure embedding flash file

    I am trying to embed some flash into my site using this code,

    <object width="526" height="216">
    <param name="movie" value="Gallery/Slideshow.swf">
    <embed src="Gallery/Slideshow.swf" width="526" height="216">

    The directory is correct because I am embedding another flash file from the same directory and it works. However this specific file is not correctly loading. I double checked that this is the correct file name. The difference in the flash files is that Slideshow.swf uses a .xml file. When I view the actual .swf file, everything works perfect, however when embedded it does not correctly load. I made sure the images that are in the .xml file are absolute paths so regardless of where the flash file is embedded it should correctly load the images. Any suggestions?

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    OK... well if the path to the .swf is correct...and the spelling is correct (caps/no caps??)... and the image urls are absolute.... that still leaves the possibility that the path to the .xml file in the
    could be incorrect.
    If the path to the .swf file is correct, it will load even without the correct path to the .xml file. Does the .swf file load? If it does not, then there is a pathing or file name problem with the .swf.
    If the .swf file loads but it does not load the .xml, then there is a problem with the path to the .xml file. In the ..load("yourimages.xml") example above, the .xml is in the same directory as the .swf and the html page that holds the .swf. If your placement of the .swf on the html page puts the either the .swf or the .xml in a different relationship (up/down one or more layers of directories), that must be reflected in the
    In relation to the html page, the .swf and the .xml can be in whatever directories you like but that new relationship, after the .swf is placed on the page (which may not be the same relationship as when it was created), must be reflected in the pathing of each.
    Best wishes,
    Eye for Video

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    Eye for video,

    I was not aware that the .xml file had to be relative to the .html file that it was included in, I only thought that the .xml file had to be relative to the .swf file. My .html file was a directory higher and it was only being loaded as ("gallery.xml"), so adding the proper directory fixed it. I appreciate your help.

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