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Thread: Transparent iFrames

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    Exclamation Transparent iFrames

    I want to include iFrames on my site, but I want it to blend with the background therefore I'd like the background transparent. How do I go about doing this?

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    To the best of my knowledge, the only way would be to have control of the page being loaded into the iframe, and then setting that page's background to the desired color. Otherwise you might have to look into some server-side scripting option to grab the page contents and parse/massage it to get the desired look.
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    As long as the web page the iframe is loading doesnt have a background set, and the iframe doesnt have a background set, it should be transparent by default.

    I added an iframe and loaded an html page with 5 paragraphs, and nothing else. If I were to set a background color on the body of the page the iframe was loading, then the background color would display instead of the transparency.
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    It might work to pursue this using CSS. For instance if you put your iframe inside div tags and you set the div to be transparent that might work.

    I think there is also a property for iframes that you have to set, like so:

    <iframe name="some name" src="url.html"  allowtransparency="true">
    I hope this helps.

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