my website has now been up for almost 2 years and everything has been going quite well.

however, recently i have been facing an issue that is effecting my website largely.

when i type the URL of my website (www.dbz-zone.org) , it takes me to a blank white page with nothing on it, however when i type the URL of my site with the exact homepage reference it works fine. (www.dbz-zone.org/index.php)

normally when i type the URL of my site (www.dbz-zone.org) it takes me directly to my home page but now it just displays a blank white page. i want it back to the way it was but im not sure how to fix it. it had only started happening recently. i am not sure why this is happening and what may have triggered it to start happening.

does anyone know of a way to fix this issue? thanks alot in advance!