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Thread: Beginner web designer - a few questions

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    Question Beginner web designer - a few questions

    I'm new to this site so i haven't managed to find the beginners section soz, I've just started re-learning html and i'm having a few problems with some tags. I'm using firefox to test all the pages i'm doing and i'm using a book last published/updated in 2006.

    ok, first problem is with image mapping. the image is displaying but there are apparently no links to the other pages within the image.

    the code is as follows
    HTML Code:
    	This is an example of including images into a web Document.
    	<img src="./image1.jpg" usemap="#main_map"
    			height=30 width=50 />
    <a name=#main_map>
    	<area shape="rect" href="./123033667962.jpg"
    		alt="Image one" coords="0,0,25,25">
    	<area shape="rect" href="./Home.html"
    		alt="Home page" coords="26,26,50,50">
    	<area shape=default href="./band_songnames.html"
    		alt="Band Songnames Page">
    my next problem is using the embed tag. I know the file itself works as a simle href worked fine, does embed not support mp3's or is it out of date maybe?

    <EMBED src="genericTestName.mp3" autostart=true hidden=true>

    thanks in advance
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