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Thread: Dynamic Background Image CSS DIV

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    Dynamic Background Image CSS DIV

    I'm interested in getting a background div to be 'skinned' with a background image. The only thing is, the background div is a container for dynamic content, like a blog. The image I want to put in it, will simulate a container with a drop shadow etc. but the top and bottom are rounded off. It's basically a round-cornered rectangle.

    Is there some way of slicing the image up so that the background image can maintain its proportions but still extend to fill the size of the container?

    All help is appreciated in advance,


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    Sure. Create your image for your four corners and repeatable images for the top, bottom and sides. Just make these images a few pixels tall/wide so you can repeat them and let them expand to size of the content.

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    Thanks for the reply Jason.

    Could you be so kind as to provide some example CSS code for such a background collage?

    Many thanks.

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