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Thread: apache 2.2.11 on vista Virtual Hosts

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    apache 2.2.11 on vista Virtual Hosts


    Im a bit new to apache server and more used to IIS but trying to convert but finding it really hard

    Im trying to get virtual hosts working on windows vista, Im using apache 2.2.11, apache is working becuase I get the 'It Works' Message when I go to localhost

    I have this in my httpd-vhosts.conf file:

    <VirtualHost *:80>

    DocumentRoot C:/work/mysite

    ServerName mysite.dev


    but when I go to http://mysite.dev i get page not found

    I hope someone can help maybe I have forgot something really obvious

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    Try adding the following line to the hosts file: mysite.dev

    Without finding that in the hosts file on your computer the query will get passed to a DNS on the web and the site will not be found because none of them lnow that the domain is on your computer.

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    Hi, thanks
    I've done that but it no luck. Could it be permissions on the folder?

    Thanks again

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