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Thread: Homepage News help

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    Homepage News help

    Ok so basically Ive been workin on this website for a while and never really got it how I wanted.
    I decided I wanted to remake it and add in the functions I require.
    My website is : www.gmtraiders.com

    I basically want it so when I make a new post in a certain part of my forums it will display it like a new blog on my homepage. Like this for example.
    www.saga-guild.org Where they have the comments link etc... also.

    I also like how they've got their forum on their website template as such, when I go to my forums obivously it opens as a totally different page.
    any idea on how to do this?

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    how is the content of your "new post" stored? is it in a mysql database? then you can use php to get the content and display it anywhere on your site...

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    All the data is stored on the webservers SQL database

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