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Thread: Facebook like news feed

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    Quote Originally Posted by svidgen View Post
    Haha ... I don't even have time to work on my sites ...
    lol, now I hear you on that one. My personal sites 'to do' list is so big it's ridiculous!!
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    svidgen i'm paying. plus book or no book, my skills aren't where they need to be to figure any of that stuff out and i don't want to wait months to learn the stuff to get the site up. i was really hoping to have it up within the next 1-2 months, and people with expertise like you and syco are the only way thats going to happen for me.

    help me out?

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    ... I'm not sure this type of proposition is allowed in this forum.

    In any case, I'm working a temp position doing web development at the moment. If you're still looking for help mid-July, feel free to send me a PM, I guess. If they don't have enough work to keep me permanently, I'll be looking for freelance work again.
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    OK, I'm kind of in the same boat (I just read every post, too).

    I would call myself decent at PHP now. I have a news feed on my site, which has rows inserted in a feed table. For the user's profile, we pull where the activity (activeUser column) was done by that user. For the main feed, we pull stories according to the activeUser where those are your friends.

    Now, I'm trying to make the feed more 'relevant' by:
    1. Finding out which user's profile you've visited most (also recorded in MySQL, one row for each view containing the profile ID, viewer ID and time).
    2. Pull stories about your friends according to how interested you are in them, to a total of 30 stories in the feed.

    I'd like a little variety so that it still pulls based on your friends list and includes a little more about the people you're most interested in.

    Here's the original query:
    profileGossip.*, profileFans.* 
    profileGossip, profileFans 
    profileFans.artist=profileGossip.activeUser AND
    (profileFans.fanID='{$_SESSION['id']}' OR profileGossip.newsStory='16' OR profileGossip.newsStory='25' OR profileGossip.newsStory='27') OR (profileGossip.activeUser='{$_SESSION['id']}' AND
    profileGossip.newsStory='2') OR (profileGossip.activeUser='{$_SESSION['id']}' AND profileGossip.newsStory='31') 
    LIMIT 30
    And here's the new garbled mess of a query that I'm struggling with:
    profile_views.view_id, profile_views.profile_id, profile_views.viewer_id, profileFans.artist, profileFans.fanID, profileGossip.*, 
    COUNT(profile_views.profile_id) AS profile_ranks 
    profile_views, profileGossip, profileFans 
    profile_views.viewer_id=profileFans.fanID AND 
    profileFans.fanID='$user_real_id' AND 
    profile_views.profile_id=profileFans.artist AND 
    GROUP BY profile_ranks 
    ORDER BY profileGossip.timeActivity DESC 
    LIMIT 30
    Any advice?
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    Help me out

    At this point you are lightyears ahead of me. Mind helping a fellow webpreneur out (I'm 99.99999% sure we are NOT in the same business)?

    I've gone through 3 lame-duck developers, one guy who I think could have done it but wanted five figures (not counting the pennies) and banged my head against the wall trying to understand stuff way above my head.

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