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Thread: [RESOLVED] Float issue

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Float issue

    I'm currently changing our site to use a 1024px res up from 800px with some other tweaks.

    Below the top navigation we have a status bar that informs users of their login status. The text is floated right with another link floated to the left. However, when I try to add floats in the new design I'm having problems that I'm not sure how to solve. I have tried things like adjusting the height of the div, adding a background colour etc.

    Here is the existing site

    New site without the floats

    New site with float

    I'm aware there are some validation issues relating to the (eventual) dynamic nature of the page but they are further down the page and I don't believe they should be affecting this issue.
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    Only tested this in Opera, but i made the following changes.

    #content - width:100%
    #topsubnav - overflow:auto

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    Thanks, worked perfectly in FF and Opera, just had to force a height for IE6.

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