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Thread: SVG in HTML with IE

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    SVG in HTML with IE

    i saw in google map that IE could provide SVG inside HTML,but when i try it by myself, i couldnt get it
    in FF works fine
    so,does anyone know how to get SVG in HTML with IE?

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    IE doesn't natively support SVG. You can install a viewer
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    IE doesn't support SVG, unless the user installs an add-in to view it (which very few people do).

    You can always either use VML to display images in IE, that's what google maps use instead of SVG, otherwise you could (if it is appropriate for the task to do so) use server side software to rasterise (convert to gif/png/jpeg) image from svg automatically - this is what wikipedia does.

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    The viewer is no longer supported by Adobe, has not been developed since 2005, and does not work with IE8 or Vista (though one person told me it does work with Vista, contrary to what I had read. Adobe does not list Vista as being compatible.). Microsoft has no plans to support SVG either while all other browsers do.

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