Hallo Friends,
I would be seeking your help once again and I hope you will be kind enough to get me out through the dillema i am in. I am a small ebay trader and I wish to create a small order tracking website for my customers inorder to enhance my professional presence. I want to develope an website with the hlep of SQL database in a fashion that on entering the the ebay item number the website will find the details of the item number in the database and will show up the detail. Obiusly I will enter the details on the in the database manually. There Will be six basic fields I want. they will be: item number, item name, order status, Brief Description, Shipping Carrier (either TNT, India Post, FedEx, DHL, UPS or BlueDart) [ if possible in the name of the shipping Courier Name if the name appears with hyperlink to the specified Courier Website, Then that would be great and lastly the Shipping Tracking Number,

Please Help me How will I create the SQL Database I have Navicat SQL GUI tool, and Microsoft Expression, Dreamweaver.

I will really look for your Assistance. If you think the above information is not enough and you need some more the please contact me, I will provide you whatever information you would like to have.