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Thread: Can I use use my FLV to link to new page

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    Can I use use my FLV to link to new page

    Hello, hopefully somebody may be able to help me with this one, I would really appreciate it...

    I have my FLV and it plays happily in it's player, I was wondering if it's possible to have that page redirected to another page (the next page of my site) the second the FLV finishes playing.

    I only know how to use the <a href="http://serverx/home.html">Link text</a> method so if theres any other coding options I'd love to hear them. I'm thinking maybe I might just need to tell the FLV player to redirect but I'm not sure how to do it.

    Help would be fantastic.

    Big Thanks

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    The main idea is to have a means of telling when the video is finished. To do so it seems that it will depend on how you are playing the video. If the video is being played from a flv component, the "complete" event can be used to tell when the video is finished. For more info:
    If the video is being played using ns (NetStream), then you'll need something like NetStream.Play.Stop to tell when it's finished. Even that method can have some problems but here's a good discussion:
    Another alterative is to use a cue point at the end of the video to redirect.
    Good luck!

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