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    RE: Welcome to WebDeveloper.com!

    An open message to the Online Community Manager.

    Just like others, I received this message, and see my open response beneath.

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    Subject: Welcome to WebDeveloper.com!

    askmaxim, I want to welcome you personally to WebDeveloper.com. I am the Online Community Manager, so if you have any questions or problems concerning the forum itself, please feel free to use the Contact Us link (page bottom). My username is JPnyc on all the forums.

    Some important warnings, DO NOT post advertisements, DO NOT post your REAL NAME or EMAIL, and DO NOT post ANYTHING to the forum that you do not want search engines to find, and DO NOT post CONTACT INFO of any kind. Thank you

    Please take the time to read the acceptable use policy, located here : http://www.jupitermedia.com/corporate/privacy/aup.html
    Happy Posting! JP. __________________
    - - - -

    Hi Jpnyc,

    Oops, I was just about to post my real name, my contacts, hoping that search engines would find and promote me on the web.

    My main purpose of posting was to get additional income for myself, but my proposal could also help other members getting additional income, therefore I thought most of them would welcome it.

    Or, do you guys strive to avoid any publicity so that no journalists would put you on a poster and no employer would ever find you?

    Or, are the above rules are solely recommendation for my safety and a sort of a disclaimer rather than a restriction?

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    Yep, they're for your safety and so we don't have to keep answering requests to remove contact information ... etc. In addition, many people try to use their posts for search engine rankings, so yes, it is for exactly as you read.

    ""Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened."" -- Sir Winston Churchill

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