I apologise if my question is a somewhat basic one, but I'm in need of some direction as to what tools one needs these days in developing a website.

I come from the old school of static web pages built in Dreamweaver/PS/Fireworks/Flash/HTML/Javascript , which I understand very well. However, I can now see the limitations these products pose to the modern website. I recognise that I potentially have a lot to learn since then, so your help would be most appreciated.

My idea would be to have video content found elsewhere on the web dynamically placed on my site for people to comment on. But also where people can add their own video content as well (again from elsewhere, not upload). I have looked at various blogging platforms which allow dynamic functionality from the end user, but the problem is that blogging platforms don't seem to offer the same kind of functionality to the end user as the webmaster. What I want is the end user to be able to add content in a similar way to that of the webmaster, if that makes sense. I want it to work like a forum I suppose, but driven more by video content rather than discussion. On the whole, forum apps dont seem to give me what I want either, as the overal look and feel of them are genrally constrained to discussion (for obvious reasons, I know). I guess a cross between a blog and a forum platform would be my closest approximation. Maybe people could point me to websites that they consider may have similar traits. Certainly flickr looks a promising arrangement that I am perhaps trying to emulate.

Before anyone asks, I have googled extensively on this subject. Certainly a knowledge of PHP figures highly, a daunting prospect as my coding skills are fairly lame at best. But I have more a problem putting the jigsaw puzzle of tools together as it were. Maybe I'm missing the point about creativity here and that there is no one standard solution for web development. Your thoughts please..