Hi all,

Nooby flash developer here, looking for the right components to develop an interactive chalkboard much like the one at http://www.imaginationcubed.com/. It appears to be flash, but I'm not sure what else. Should I look into learning some more Actionscript? Ajax? I want the chalkboard to be very similar to the one mentioned. This will primarily be used by tutors on a college campus, and integrated with a facebook application I've written. Are there any open source components you'd suggest to accomplish this? Is this realistic for a software engineering project I'm doing this semester with a team of 3 others? I know basic Actionscript programming, and have not had to write any Actionscript which correlates with databases or other complexities. It would enough as a requirement for the chalkboard to simply allow someone to draw and then save to the site in some viewable format, but I would also like users to be able view the chalkboard session at the same time. Thanks in advance for all suggestions.