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Thread: Internal Server 500 error, but i dont have .htaccess file!

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    Internal Server 500 error, but i dont have .htaccess file!

    I'm confused.. I mean, the whole idea of apache and xampp has me slightly confused, but i do strongly feel that I am working my way through this..

    I have encountered a problem that i just can not answer by reading, as ALL answers point to changing an htaccess file.

    The thing is, i have a HUGE HUGE HUGE website. its a photography portfolio with a compelte e-commerce section using oscommerce. I know that there is a htaccess file in there, but when i was downloading the backup file, i did not add the htaccess, and i double checked by searching for .htaccess in spotlight AND the finder search on my mac.

    So are there any answers for this? Should i download a 100% complete backup??

    THis brings me to a second question.. how do you folks with large complex websites download backups without timing out? I have tried using Fetch FTP and that times out, i tried my CPanel backup wizard and that times out..

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    ok.. i just found out that operating systems hide all files that begin with "." and that i needed to run a command to show those files.. i did that and deleted the .htaccess file from the XAMPP and will just save it for when if i ever have to upload the entire site so i dont accidentally delete it.. but that was good.. Sorry if i wasted your time.

    there is still the question of.. HOW DO YOU BACKUP A HUGE FILE TO YOUR DESKTOP?

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