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    PHP Login and Redirection

    Hi Everyone

    I have had a lot of help from this site with JavaScript questions, so I know you’re the right guys to ask about PHP.

    Just been helping a friend with her dads, home business, website. Anyhow he has asked if its possible to make a login script for his clients. Now I can make a login easy, and have found many sample pages to help. But what he is asking is something different.

    What is he asking for? Ok he wants a Client login, when the customer logs in, he is not redirected to the members page, where he can now access all site pages, but redirected to there own page, not accessible from any other client.

    Now I have seen things like this, after you login you are directed to like a profile page. That’s sort of what I’m after, but with now profile options, Just info regarding that client.

    Because I’m sure I have confused everyone with my ramblings, I made a lil diagram, to kind of show what I want the clients to do.

    Thank You Very Much
    - Kirt

    EDIT: Sorry i just wanted to add, i relise this would probably be a big job, I don't want annyone to spend their hard earned time making this for me, rather pointing me in the direction of something similar i could use, i dont really know PHP, but im willing to learn as I go.
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