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Thread: Wamp Server Not Online

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    Wamp Server Not Online

    I just downloaded the latest version of the Wamp Server... called "Wamp Server" to replace my old "Wamp5". I followed the instructions... I saved my htdocs and wrote down my settings, and then I uninstalled my old Wamp5. Installed my new WampServer.

    Bare in mind that Wamp5 worked just fine, and the new WampServer was installed to the same directory.

    The program, when I first installed it, opened up the wamp.php file and rendered everything beautifully. I moved all of my old htdocs to the appropriate directory to bring them back up. It wouldnt work. But the default page on the server was accessible via the internet.

    Long story short, I uninstalled the WampServer and reinstalled it. I havent touched anything. But now the default page wont even show. The WampServer is now telling me that its not even online. I cant get it online. All installation settings are identical this time as my first time through. There is no reason that I can conceive why this would work the first time but not the second time.
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