Hi and a Happy New Year,
I have a issue with my local development platform, which isn't running at the moment, for some reason unbe-known to me.

My development platform is as follows:
Apache HTTP Server Version 2.2
I believe I'm running PHP 5.2.4 for Apache 2

I have a few questions:

1. I'm not sure if I'm running a 32bit or 64bit or 84bit machine.

I'm running a MacBook Pro Build 9G55 OS X Leopard on 2.5GHz Intel Core 2 Duo.

2. For some reason when I load up localhost it gives me a Page Load Error: like attachment 1 depicts. But when I look in systems prefs > network it shows what attachment2 depicts, which it is on. Mysql is running, I can see this from the system prefs again. But I can't seem to use the command line and I'm not sure how to change the .bash file so I can run command lines anywhere in the terminal.

I can't seem to get any errors to display to tell me what is going on can anyone please help it is driving me nuts.

Thank you
regards solidariti