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Thread: Opinion: "page under development" message

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    Opinion: "page under development" message

    Hi all,

    I have been asked to include 3 complete sections (and subsections) in a site i manage.

    The problem is, the person just wants the pages to say "page under construction"

    He has indicated that there is no time frame for development of the content.

    I have advised against this action, but would like to back up my argument with best practice.

    I have searched the net but have been unable to locate any discussions on the topic.

    Is there any advice out there that someone could point me towards?


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    Page under construction messages have been highly frowned upon for the past several years.

    The best reason I can share with you something you already said, there is no time table for the new content. The public does not know about "New Feature A", so advertising and promoting it before it has even started to be developed is a mistake. Projects run into problems and roadblocks. Ideas change. You must remember that the web is dynamic and so will your development process. Stagnant "Under Construction" pages won't fill your viewers with promise if 3 months down the road, nothing has changed.

    As an experienced web developer for a major University, I can tell you that all new "features" of any of my sites go through not only a development process and a testing process, but a usability process. These things take time.

    I hope this gives you some ideas on how to approach the person who wishes you to do this.
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