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Thread: Browsers handle Cookies Differently

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    Browsers handle Cookies Differently

    I've been stumped by a cookie issue that I need settled quickly. I am making an offline site that needs it's own bookmark system. This I'm trying to accomplish through javascript and cookies. You go to a page, click a button, it saves a cookie, then at some point you click a link to the bookmark page and it shows you all the bookmarks you've selected.

    I've got this to work perfectly... in Firefox. I need it to work in Internet Explorer. But when I try the files in IE the only bookmarks that save are the ones in the same directory as the bookmark page.

    So I've come to the conclusion that firefox and IE handle cookies differently. But I can't figure out what extra restriction IE has that is blocking this. Can anyone help me out with this?

    I've attached a small version of what I'm trying to accomplished. 7 pages over three directories and the bookmark page. They are put in frames because that's what I need so if you care to peek start with UntitledFrameset-3.html. If you want to contact me directly: hume.tony@gmail.com. Thanks in advance.

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    Set the path to the root directory; setting it to null could cause the problem.
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    All paths and domains are set to the root directory and still nothing.

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    The different browser engines have different interpretations of domain matching, handle parameters in paths differently and differ in their rules for same domain policy checking.

    I have not thoroughly looked through your code, but if your page has parameters, and/or if you expect your cookie to work on different domain names, then you might want to read the article How Different Browsers Handle Cookies Differently.

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