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Thread: Should I use MySQL ?

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    Should I use MySQL ?

    Now, I am writting Dictionary Project. It's has more than 20000 record in table and I searching with sql. It's OK in my localhost. I am so worry about server loading becuase thousand of users will be search. I think , server will be slow and may be down or extra bandwidth because of searching time. Now, I am using mediatemple.com . Can I use MySQL in my dictionary project ? It's always search more than 20000 record in table. Can it be fast searching ? I'm thinking just use Arrary like JSON. Please , advice to me

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    20,000 records in a database is non-trivial, but depending on the sort of data, how the tables are structured and indexed, and how you query it; it is not extremely large, either.

    This forum, for example, shows current stats as of this writing of "Threads: 192,663, Posts: 955,064, Members: 109,402". So right there you have a minimum of 3 separate tables with record counts in the 100,000 to almost 1,000,000 range, and probably several queries for each page view. Now some of those queries may be cached, but still, a mere 20,000 rows need not be a big deal.
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    Thank! I decided to use MySQL. It's have just 3 column. Word,State,Defination and sql is use

    Select * from db where word like '%te%';

    I hope , I can be load easily without worry. I want to know , MySQL can load more than 10 thousand record because user will add new word when he find new word. My friend, Database Administrator told me " We loading 16 GB data in my work , it's OK and easy. No side effect occur. You can load it without worry"

    Thank you

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