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Thread: name.com/index.php?p=main& -> name.com/MAIN#index.php?p=main&

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    Lightbulb name.com/index.php?p=main& -> name.com/MAIN#index.php?p=main&

    I do not know much about javascript.
    My problem is that:
    I want that
    webpage or something read my urls after # mark

    anything in url stays still but
    MAIN# or # sth with # comes before my url name.com/index.php?p=stg

    Sorry about my english.

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    # has a special meaning in URLs - it indicates the id within the page that the browser should jump to after the page is loaded.

    index.php?p=stg is not a valid id since an id is not allowed to contain either a ? or an =

    Is name.com/index.php?p=stg#MAIN what you are after?

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