I am trying to create a web app that blends the functionality of scriptaculos' drag and drop with that of an AJAX spreadsheet so that the user can make changes to a spreadsheet-like thing and have those changes saved in a MySQL database using AJAX.

To do this, I thought I might be able to just put a lot of text areas or text fields together and add on a Javascript onchange event.

So it kind of looks something like this
<textarea id="something" name="something" onchange="dosomething()" onkeydown="dosomethingelse" onfocus="dosomethingelse" >Value</textarea>
The problem I'm running into is that the high number of text areas is slowing down the web browser. There are at least 1,000 text areas. Safari handles things OK, but still slows down a bit. Firefox just crashes all together.

This might be a total shot in the dark, but is there anything I can do to make it so that web browsers can handle this many text areas/text fields?

If not, what other ways might there be to create a drag and drop AJAX spreadsheet? Taking all suggestions!

Thanks in advance for your help,