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    Web project help

    Hi First, I'm from Austria, so please forgive me, my english isn't very good.

    to topic:
    In my school we are making a project. I'm making the homepage, but I haven't worked with mapping on pictures (make a link over a area of the picture).
    I have created it with Adobe Fireworks and it works, but now i want to post <div>-Objects over the picture. (This homepage should show small symbols of computers and the status of them. I planed to generate it automatic with some PHP.)

    My problem is, that I can't lay the <div>-Objects about the picture. Has anybody an idea how to solve this problem?

    Here is the homepage: http://nightshad1606.bplaced.net/Schule/PPM/ppm/

    The rooms are linked and should generate the exact room in the empty area right of the CAD3 room.

    Thanks for help

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    </head><body style="position:relative; background-color:#fff;">
    <img alt="cad1" style="position:absolute; top:90px; left:500px;" src="symbol.gif" height="10" width="10" />
    <img alt="cad2" style="position:absolute; top:170px; left:150px;" src="symbol.gif" height="10" width="10" />
    <img name="backgroundgemappt" ...
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