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Thread: Best way to code this layout.

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    Question Best way to code this layout.

    Hi guys, how's everyone?

    My name is Meekah and I'm from Brazil. I'm in an attempt to design my boyfriend's small business webpage, although I'm not a designer (let me apologize in advance for those who are graphic designers).

    Anyway, I'm familiar with HTML and CSS, but on this specific layout I've created I'm having trouble deciding what to use for better visualization on different screen resolutions.

    I'm just looking for some tips, if I should use tables, divs, CSS styles, etc. I would normally use tables and size them by percentage, but I'm unsure how to make this background I've created work with tables.

    Here's the design:


    I'd really appreciate any kind of contribution.

    PS.: Sorry about the broken english.
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    Take a look at this CSS generator: http://www.positioniseverything.net/...maker_form.php

    That will get you started.

    * My screen resolution is set at 1680x1050
    * I'm accessing your site through a T1 line
    * I'm probably viewing it using Firefox (unless browser is specified)

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