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Thread: posting to twitter remotely

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    Question posting to twitter remotely

    Hi guys, I've created a website that allows visitors to suggest a title and url of content they consider valuable, which would be reviewed for quality and then approved or rejected.

    as i approve their suggestions it sends an email to every subsciber with a brief update of the new content - namely the title and a link.

    i'd like to send the title of the post and the url for my website's homepage to twitter as i approve the posts.

    any idea on how i can send a tweet to twitter with just the title and url of my homepage as i approve them, i would only send a few per day and each post has to be manually approved as the focus is on sharing quality articles and tutorials - not adverts.

    thanks for responding.

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    Start by looking here.

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    thanks skywalker2208

    that should do the trick.

    my site should simply send a short post to twitter with the title of the post and the url of my homepage.

    shouldn't be to hard for me to figure out.


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