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    social networking tools

    Hi Everyone!

    I'm doing my thesis, it is something like "social networking tools", where I introduce: OpenID, OAuth, hCard, XFN, OpenSocial, etc, etc, etc. So I have to develop something that has to do with it. My thesis mentor told me that it shouldn't take me more than one or two months of development. I was expecting to get an existing open social networking code and integrate it with some of the tools I introduce. I looked at Elgg, but it already has everything integrated and a lot of plugins! So I need a more basic social networking code, and integrate it with some social networking tools. So I have two questions.

    Which open social networking code should I choose? (I guess I need some simple code that has connections, groups and profiles)

    Which tools do you suggest I integrate? (This is not supposed to take me more than two months. I'm a 3-year-experienced Java and PHP developer).

    Thanks in advance.

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    well the one I would suggest for you to develop to would be Facebook as it is php based so you wouldn't have a too much of a learning curve, another simple interface you could explore deveoping a plugin for would be twitter.

    Larry D
    MS Architect Evangelist

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