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Thread: Possible to select of shuffle questions?

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    Possible to select of shuffle questions?

    Hi all,

    My problem is the following: i have a XML doc and i'm using it with a swf file. It's a questions database and i was wondering if it's possible to make program of something so that i can choose how many questions i want to show prior doing the test? And is it possible to shuffle those questions?

    A piece of the xml file is as follows:

    <id>ID No. Q21</id>
    <q>the question here</q>
    <a>answer 1</a>
    <b>answer 2</b>
    <c>answer 3</c>
    <d>answer 4</d>
    <link>for explaination</link>

    Thanks in advance!

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    Regarding shuffling/randomizing them, this would be more of a Flash issue...not an XML issue, unless you're working with the XML itself without using any Flash libraries to manipulate the XML. In the case of working with the XML itself, I know of no such way to do this.

    As for selecting the number of questions before doing the test, you might be better off using something like QUESTION rather than Q2, Q3, Q4, etc. and limiting the number of questions using XPath (e.g. position() < 20 for less than 20 questions) if that is available unless I'm missing something.
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