I'm trying to use a javascript bookmarked in Firefox to pop Google Docs open into a new window. This works good and well, but there is a problem when I try to use the links within Google Docs in that new window. When I click on a document link, it would normally open as a new tab in that window. However, it is now opening new docs back in the parent window (the one from which I clicked the bookmark to open Google Docs)--it won't open them within a new tab in the new window.

Here's the code I have bookmarked to open Google Docs as a new window:
javascript: void window.open('http://docs.google.com','gooDocWin','width=1000,height=700')

Why a new window? Because I Google Docs documents have a bulky menu bar section, and I'd like to have windows open by default without the Firefox menus, location, nav, and bookmarks bar in addition to the document's menus.