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Thread: User-based Websites

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    User-based Websites


    I'm trying to build a user-based website. Something like myspace where users can post information and sign up for membership etc. I have basic web development experience but have 11 years of graphic/video/audio design experience. Here are some questions if someone can help me out.

    What language is used or is recommended for this type of website?

    An example of a code?

    Database based?

    Structure of this sort of site?

    What books can I get to learn?

    What languages or knowledge should I know to be able to do this?

    Who can I contact for consulting or development [mod]price discussions not permitted[/mod]

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    If you check over on Script Search, those scripts might be of interest.

    BTW, jJust a note of clarification: those are called "social networking" sites.

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    Thank you. I cannot afford it right now so I'm trying to do something myself first and hire developers later on.

    What kind of language would I use if I want it to work with the .Net platform? I know come visual basic, C#, C++, html, flash. But I'm still learning and building on them all, I'm a noobie...
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