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Thread: Edited fields of returned recordset

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    Question Edited fields of returned recordset

    I have a field in my recordset that I would like to change just for use in the page I'm using. However, after using a query to get a subset of data, then editing the field I need updated, the database itself is being edited. For example, I perform a query such as "SELECT refDes, refDesID FROM refDesTbl WHERE desID=3". When the query is returned, I want to edit each of the refDes items to allow sorting that will work correctly. So, I looped thru the recordset and change the refDes using a function that basically makes all of the data at least 12 characters long. The problem I have is that when I do this, instead of just editing the recordset variable, it is actually editing the database's values. Can someone please tell me what, if anything, I can do to keep the data in the DB as is, but just change the data that I have in the recordset variable?

    Here is my code:

    Function PadNum(numVal)
            Dim n
            Dim retVal
            retVal = ""
            for n= 3 to Len(numVal) step -1
                retVal = retVal & "0"
            retVal = retVal & numVal
            PadNum = retVal
        End Function
        Function editRefDes(refDes)
            refDes = refDes & "A"
            Dim n, accum, retVal
            For n = 1 To Len(refDes)
                If Mid(refDes, n, 1) = "A" Or Mid(refDes, n, 1) = "N" Or Mid(refDes, n, 1) = "(" Or Mid(refDes, n, 1) = ")" Or IsNumeric(Mid(refDes, n, 1)) = True Then
                    accum = accum & Mid(refDes, n, 1)
                    If IsNumeric(Mid(refDes, n, 1)) = True Then
                        'accum = accum & Mid(x, I, 1)
                        ' Do Nothing
                        retval = retval & PadNum(accum)
                        accum = ""
                    End If
                    accum = refDes
                End If
            retval = retval & PadNum(accum)
            accum = ""
            editRefDes = retVal
        End Function
            sql = "SELECT dbo_tblRefDes.refID, dbo_tblRefDes.refDes, dbo_tblRefDes.refDes AS sortRefDes
    FROM dbo_tblClass INNER JOIN (dbo_tblEC INNER JOIN ((dbo_tblClassRef INNER JOIN (dbo_tblSubSystem INNER JOIN (dbo_tblRefDes INNER JOIN dbo_tblAPL ON dbo_tblRefDes.APLID = dbo_tblAPL.aplID) ON dbo_tblSubSystem.sybSysID = dbo_tblRefDes.subSystemID) ON dbo_tblClassRef.refID = dbo_tblRefDes.refID) INNER JOIN dbo_tblRack ON dbo_tblRefDes.rackID = dbo_tblRack.rackID) ON dbo_tblEC.ecID = dbo_tblRefDes.ecID) ON dbo_tblClass.classID = dbo_tblClassRef.classID
    ORDER BY dbo_tblRefDes.refDes;"
            Set rsResults = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
            rsResults.open sql, objConn, adOpenDynamic, adLockOptimistic, &H0200
            While Not rsResults.EOF
                rsResults("sortRefDes")= editRefDes(rsResults("sortRefDes"))
            rsResults.Sort = "sortRefDes"
    I thought that by changing the data in the recordset, that I was simply changing it in the subset, not actually in the database. I want the database's data to stay as is. The sortRefDes field is only used for my convenience when I sort the reference designators. It changes a string such as "A3A2" to "000A003A002" and "2A2" to "002A002". If I don't change it, then "A2A2" will end up coming before "A12A1".
    I'm pretty sure that it may have something to do with the Open arguments.

    Another problem I'm having is, if I comment out the editRefDes while loop, I am having trouble doing the Sort. When it gets to that line, I keep getting the following error: "Current provider does not support the necessary interfaces for sorting or filtering."

    Chris Cote
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    It's been so long since I've done this, so I am doing little more than having an educated guess here.

    Try modifying the RecordSet open method call to use the adOpenStatic cursor:
            rsResults.open sql, objConn, adOpenStatic, adLockOptimistic, &H0200
    Also, here are some relevent ADO API docs: http://www.devguru.com/technologies/...dset_open.html
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