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Thread: Google Local business results

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    Google Local business results


    I was wondering if anyone had any insight as to how Google selects the sites that are listed first under Local business results when you do a search, for example for: Sports Bar Boston my site, http://www.mcgreevysboston.com has been coming up 3rd for a very long time, now it is not on that 1st page at all ..

    Wondering what effects those listings besides I guess the obvious seo stuff.

    Thanks so much for any help!


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    You need to set up the Google Webmaster Tools for your website (Takes 5 minutes).

    That will provide you with a lot of useful info on your site.

    Then, in the options, you can specify your geographic location. I assume it doesn't automatically make you jump on the search results but that's the 1st step, then if google find your site relevant it should show up.
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    Black Magic?

    This is a question i can't find an answer!
    I have lot of cases that let me think it is absolutely random, but i still can't believe it...
    When i have a site 1 it could stay there for a month and suddenly goes 15 without any reason, i'm searching info from google and can't find anything.
    My solution (if i can call it so) is to make more than one message for each client, so it's easier to stay in first page.
    I really hope to find somebody who can help more about this.

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