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Thread: Headline rotation

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    Headline rotation

    Hey, I have this code for my site, www.TBDGaming.com and I'm rather new to javascript, I was just wondering if someone could clear up one issue I'm having:

    I would like the headline pictures to alternate between each other. I've experimented a little wit the setTimeout variable but nothing so fa has worked, mainly because I don't fully understand how it works I believe :/. Anyway, what I would basically like to happen is I would like the pictures to change between one another infinitely. The code for the static page is below, so the code needs to be for a static page (no <head>, <body>, etc.)

    		<!-- starting headlines -->
    			<div class="headlineWrap" id="headlineWrap">
    				<!-- headline 1 -->
    				<div id="headline1">
    					<a href=""><img src="http://i39.tinypic.com/2zycr3n.gif" alt="" /></a>
    					<div class="headlineContent">
    						<div class="headlineTxt">To Be Determined - Coming Soon</div>
    						<div class="headlineSwitch">
    							<a href="javascript:setImg(0)" onclick="switchHeadline('headline1');"><img src="images/icons/1on.gif" alt="" /></a>
    							<a href="javascript:setImg(1)" onclick="switchHeadline('headline2');"><img src="images/icons/2.gif" alt="" /></a>
    							<a href="javascript:setImg(2)" onclick="switchHeadline('headline3');"><img src="images/icons/3.gif" alt="" /></a>
    							<a href="javascript:setImg(3)" onclick="switchHeadline('headline4');"><img src="images/icons/4.gif" alt="" /></a>
    							<a href="javascript:setImg(4)" onclick="switchHeadline('headline5');"><img src="images/icons/5.gif" alt="" /></a>
    Thanks in advance!

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